Percent Change From Open Indicator, Scan & Column for ThinkOrSwim


Percent Change From Open

This package includes a percent change from open chart indicator (NEW!), scan, and a percent change from open watchlist column for ThinkOrSwim. These tools allow you to see how much volatility is happening currently instead of just what has happened overnight.

The % change from open scan allows you to look for stocks that have moved at least a minimum percentage from the open. You can set the percentage very quickly and easily as the screen shot shows. You can also choose to scan for only up movers, only down movers, or both up and down together. By default the scan also comes with some settings for min/max price and average daily volume, all the basics just to get you started, but you can add/remove these additional filters as needed, they’re just included for convenience.

The % change from open custom watch list / quote column lets you sort a list of stocks by which is the biggest mover from the open. So if you have a custom sidebar watchlist you like to keep an eye on, you can add this column to that watch list and see how much volatility has happened in that stock since the open today. You can sort by down movers or up movers. You can also set the coloration percentage. The column highlights green if the % change from open is greater than the percentage you set, and highlights red if it is less than the minimum percentage change you set. It remains the default color (white on the dark TOS theme) by default if the stock doesn’t meet the minimum percentage change requirements.

What You Get

  1. % Change from Open Scan
    1. Can be used in StockHacker or as a dynamic sidebar watchlist to show you all the current biggest movers for the day on your sidebar
    2. Set minimum % change from open
    3. Set to include only up/down movers or both together
    4. Set min/max price and average daily volume (or remove these filters if unneeded)
    5. Add any other built in filters you like
  2. % Change from Open Watchlist/Quote Column
    1. Can be used in StockHacker, MarketWatch, or on a sidebar watchlist
    2. Sort any list of stocks in TOS by % change from open
    3. Set a minimum percent change from open for highlighting to occur
    4. Highlights green/red based on if the stock meets the minimum percent you set
  3. Net Change from Open Scanner
    1. Find stocks that have moved a minimum amount, up and/or down
    2. Set minimum amount
    3. Include up and down movers together, or only one or the other
    4. Customize default min/max price and average daily volume settings, or remove these extra filters as desired
  4. Net Change from Open Watch List / Custom Quote Column
    1. Display the column in StockHacker results, MarketWatch quotes, or sidebar watchlists
    2. Sort stocks by net change from open
    3. Set a minimum amount for coloration (i.e., if a stock has gone up at least .50 from the open color green, if it has moved down at least .50 from the open, color red, etc.)
    4. Highlights green/red based on whether or not the stock meets the minimum net change amount you set (default .50)
    1. I like to include surprises for my customers. In this package I’m including columns for Max % Gained, Max % Lost, Max % Gained or Lost (depending on closing direction) and one or two other goodies.